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performance inks

Performance / Athletic Inks

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Performance Inks

Performance inks are special inks designed to work well with athletic fabrics. Spandex, polyester, yoga clothing, are just a few of the items requiring performance inks. People usually move more during physical activity as well as launder their clothing more. Stretching and sweating are also issues with regular inks. We'll make sure your apparel is decorated with the highest quality performance inks. We pride ourselves on providing long lasting beautiful designs. Apparel Machine offers a wide variety of solutions for all of your marketing and promotional needs. Contact us today to see how you can get started.

custom athletic wear

Custom Athletic Apparel

Custom athletic apparel of all types is printed daily at Apparel Machine. Our vast array of performance inks and heat transfers are great for any sport clothing.

custom hot yoga

Custom Hot Yoga Clothing

Hot Yoga is growing increasingly popular. We offer special printing and curing services to ensure proper embellishment of any and all yoga clothing.

Custom Fitness Center Clothing

We have created inhouse fitness center clothing lines. Increase your bottom line and sell your own branded messages on high quality custom fitness apparel.

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