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Our dedicated account reps are available 24/7 to assist with your project . Once a deposit or payment is made you will receive a digital proof of your artwork to ensure we aren't missing anything. Once artwork is approved, and payment is made...


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Maintaining our practice of High Standards and Attention to Detail is key to delivering an exceptional product every time.


You can say Plastisol and Water Base runs through our veins.  Print by print, stitch by stitch, our apparel decorating methodology is unmatched in the apparel and decorating industry.



Initially, if you have not submitted artwork and a purchase order, one of our expert apparel consultants will assist you in planning your apparel project. During this time you will receive both quotes, and digital proofs. Should you choose to proceed, a formal invoice will be sent to your company along with a credit card authorization form to verify payment.

Artwork Approval

During this step we ensure art specs, colors, sew out and placement are correct to ensure your product is exactly the way you want it. If your artwork is not print ready don't fret. Our art department along with color separation team members will notify you if we find any errors that will prevent a high quality print. We prefer vectorized artwork, but can work with many other mediums. Once all artwork / sew out is agreed upon we begin our apparel decorating process.

Apparel Decorating Process

Once artwork is approved, films (separated colors) are printed to burn screens. We then ensure a tight registration of screens and run a print on a disposable t-shirt to ensure a quality print before we move to full production. Once we are happy with the first run, and your product meets our high standards we run full production, including flashing, belt drying and curing based on best methods for the fabric or inks being used. If we are embroidering your products then your digitized file is already loaded into our embroidery heads and we prep your product for embroidery. Apparel Machine's embroidering experts pay special attention to detail to ensure each product has a proper sew out. View our facility layout along with our streamlined process that increases production, lowers time and costs which we then pass those discounts onto you.

Project Completion / Wrapping Up

Once your apparel or products have been ran through full production, our quality control department begins taking inventory of all produced apparel or promotional products. Once goods pass final inspection, goods are folded and separated according to size and colors. We then (dependent on project requirements) begin our finishing tasks such as adding hang tags, poly bagging, and labeling your product before it is boxed for pickup, local delivery or shipment. A packing slip is included to outline your box(s) content / inventory. You are then notified as to product completion and pre negotiated method of delivery.